Ahh, the halcyon days of the early web. Time was, every self-respecting geek had a personal website with contact information, interesting links, a blog or two, and (if one enjoyed the privilege of high bandwidth) a photo gallery. It was quaint, really.

These days, contact information is shared via social networks. Interesting links are shared via social networks. Blog content (opinions, links) are shared via social networks. Photos are shared... well you get it. Personal websites are no longer the status symbol they once were, nor necessary for 95% of their classical uses.

This site hearkens back to that era. It grew out of my college site, moved from a campus domain (phanley.campus.vt.edu) to a free subdomain service (boing.dhs.org) to a second-level domain (ph0.org). The site also transitioned from hosting on a local apache server on my desktop computer to a third-party hosting service.

As social networks developed, this site was left to gather dust. It was simply easier to join those venues, with their modern interfaces and robust privacy settings, rather than maintain a private site with neither.

...which brings us up-to-date. This site is no longer actively maintained, although as the technologies develop it may eventually become home to embedded versions of other sites' functionality. Until then, feel free to poke around out of an interest in historical novelty. But please, no flash photography.